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Gross Procedure for obtaining Good Trade Mark

(1)   We facilitate development of the Trade mark as per the legal & business requirements. For quick understanding –

a.      Trade Mark should NOT highlight the function / specialty of the device.

b.      Non-dictionary words make a good Trademark.

(2)   If it is already developed/in use, we provide opinion about its suitability to get registered.

(3)   In case of doubt, Trade Mark search needs to be carried out in the prescribed manner with the Trade Mark registry. It takes about 6 weeks to get report.

(4)   After satisfactory outcome of (2) / (3) the application for registering Trade Mark is filed with the Govt. as per prescribed procedure.

(5)   The application undergoes scrutiny procedure by Trade Mark registry.

(6)   If the applied Trade Mark is opposed by any competitor, then the process gets complex, else

(7)   The total process from filing till grant takes about 2-3 years.

(8)   The applicant is then legally authorized to use ® symbol.

(9)   Trade marks are valid for initial period of 10 years & are required to be renewed thereafter as per prescribed procedure.

(10) Trade Marks, like any other Intellectual Property, pertain to the nation                           applied for/granted.




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