B A L I....

In current competitive scenario, nothing is enough or fast enough to be always ahead! One may wonder how can one be always a winner.
A mythological example, probably the only one of it's kind, seems to provide the clue - Have we heard about BALI, the king of Vanaras? He was believed to be so immensely powerful that Lord Rama had to kill him by trick, since he could not be defeated in straight fight. It is further believed that anybody who faced Bali would lose HALF his power to him.
Let's try & decode what this actually means in a competitive world like today's.
It means simply that we need to learn to "fast" build new competencies that we come across - whenever, wherever!
BALI concept is developed by VIDURNEETI® founders on this principle. By practicing this concept, one can even think of beating multinational companies in innovation, even while they have R&D budgets & resources of magnitudes of many order!